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Our mission :

"Provide Technical Services and Expertise in areas of appropriate Technologies and top quality systems to reduce costs and improve response time keeping at the same time safety and Environmental issues in control. This will ultimately help foundries to achieve global competitiveness."

Panel of Experts is the most coveted resource of NCTS Experts bring with them a huge reservoir of domain knowledge which they have pledged to share for the benefit of Foundrymen.

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF) ( with its Head Office at Kolkata, has around 3000 Members all over India IIF has established Four Centres of Excellence in Endeavour to serve the Members. A Centre for Excellence - National Centre for Technical Services (NCTS) with its office at Pune plays a very important and useful role in meeting this objective.

NCTS has produced DVDs on foundry technology topics and with collaboration of National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research Castings Defects and Solutions.
These are prepared by experts and vetted by another set of experts covering various topics of interest to the Foundry fraternity.
NCTS undertakes specific tasks for a foundry. NCTS team will study the problem - devise corrective/preventive action plan-implement.
Undertake Solidification Simulation Analysis to help design gating /risering systems for all alloys and all molding systems.
NCTS can undertake an audit of a foundry and identify areas that need improvement in specific areas and suggest measures to achieve prescribed objectives.
Conduct corporate Skills Enhancement Program which covers various work areas of Foundry operations and benefits employees at all levels.