Experts’ Panel

NCTS The Team

Mr. Sham H. Arjunwadkar
Chairman, IIF-NCTS

More than 38 years of experience in managing Iron foundries as Entrepreneur Managing Director, expertise in Energy Conservation systems for foundries. At present Director of M/s. Preciso Metall Pvt. Ltd.

Sham Arjunwadkar
Mr. Rajendra Newadkar,
Director, IIF-NCTS

More than 30 years of experience in foundries like Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Greaves Cotton Ltd., Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd., Neosym Industries Ltd. etc. Currently Director, NCTS; numerous new initiatives started at NCTS.

R. V. Newadkar


A) Ferrous Group


Mr. D. B. Ghate
CEO, Mahindra CIE, Pune

Hands on experience on S. G. Iron foundries over 30 years; Specialisation in establishing quality norms and Expert in all processes of Casting making.

Mr. D. B. Ghate
Mr. S. Subramanian
Ex. DGM (Foundry Div.) Tata Motors Ltd., Pune,

More than 35 years of Grey Iron, S. G. Iron and Al. foundry experience in Tata Motors, Pune, Specialisation in Sand and Metallurgical Controls

Mr. S. Subramanian
Mr. R. S. Sabnis
Ex. COO, Menon & Menon Ltd., Kolhapur

More than 40 years’ experience in grey iron foundries like Cummins India, Menon & Menon and others. Specialist in quality systems & Training.

Mr. R. S. Sabnis
Mr. R. N. Bhome
Consultant, Pune

Over 40 years of experience in automotive foundries producing Grey, S. G. Iron and various nonferrous alloys; specialist in quality audits

Mr. R. N. Bhome
Mr. Parag Bhandare
CEO, AKP Ferrocast Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum

Experience of 20 years in Grey iron and S. G. Iron foundries; specialist in management of medium sized foundries

Mr. Parag Bhandare
Mr. S. G. Pawar
Ex. G.M.- Foundry, Tata Motors Limited, Pune

More than 35 years of experience in managing large foundry producing Grey iron, S. G, Iron and aluminium castings; specialization in automotive sector.

Mr. S.G. Pawar
Dr. K. Gnanamurthy
Management & Foundry Consultant, Bangalore

More than 40 years of experience in LMW foundry, Coimbatore, specialization in Wind Mill castings.

Dr. Gnanamurthy
Mr. R. Gopal
consultant, Chennai

More than 30 years of experience in organisations like India Pistons and others;Specialisation in setting up new S. G. Iron facility.

MR. R. Gopal
Mr. S.S. Bhasin
Ex. GM., Tata Motors Ltd., Pune.

More than 43 years of experience in large automotive foundry producing Grey / S. G. / Al. casting, specialized in devising maintenance schedules for automated foundries.

Mr. S. S. Bhasin
Mr. Balraj Seth
Consultant, Jalandhar

40 years of experience in small & medium foundries, all round foundry expertise mainly in Grey iron with Cupola Melting.

Mr. Balraj Seth
Mr. S. Kuppusamy
V.P, PSG Foundry Division, Coimbatore

More than 30 years of experience in Iron Foundry. All round experience in maintenance, molding and melting.

Mr. S. Kuppusamy
Mr. Anil Agashe

More than 40 years of experience in foundries like Tata Motors, DCM engineering, Kulkarni Engineering. Ex. Director IIF-NCTS.

Mr. Anil Agashe

II) Steel

Mr. M. B. Panse
Consultant, Nasik

More than 40 years of experience in steel foundries like CIMMCO Ltd., Gwalior,Nitin casting, Thane, Titan Alloys & others. Expertise in gating systems for steel Castings

Mr. M. B. Panse
Mr. Umesh Sakhavalkar
Consultant, Nasik

Specialized in development of superior steel alloys & well experience in chrome Iron, Hadfield steel etc. Worked as Executive for Foundries in India & Gulf.

Mr. Umesh Sakhavalkar

B) Non- Ferrous

I) Aluminium

Mr. A. G. Bam
Consultant, Pune

More than 20 years of hands on experience of manufacturing Al. castings of various grades in sand as well as die casting methods; specializations in methods for Al. die casting

Mr. R. D. Chavan
Proprietor, Raviraj Enterprises, Pune

More than 35 years of hands on experience in non ferrous castings by various processes. Specialization in low pressure Al. die castings.

Mr. R.D.Chavan
Mr. M. Thirugnanam
Worked as Executive at M/s. Sundaram – Clayton foundry Division

Chennai for 38 years. Trained and worked at reputed foundries in Korea & Japan. Expert in all manufacturing processes for Aluminium alloy casting.

Mr. M. Thirugnanam

C) Equipment, Tooling, Miscellaneous

Mr. D. N. Navangul
Director, Dhanprakash Indl. Corporation, Miraj

Manufacturer of high quality refractory materials and heat treatment furnaces;
specialization in Al melting furnaces and soft ceramics.

Mr. Dhananjay Navangul
Mr. S. G. Khanolkar,
CEO,Metalcraft Industries, Pune

Hands on experience of 38 years in tooling and tool design in organisations like Tata Motors, Pune and KFIL, Hospet; specialization in manufacturing tooling for intricate components like cylinder block for automobiles.

Mrs. S. S. Karkhanis
Proprietor, Foundry Friends, Pune

Hands on experience in design and installation of Cupola Furnaces; numerous installations all over the country; specialization in modern Divided Blast and Hot Blast Cupolas – Design and installation.

Mrs. S.S.Karkhanis

D) Process Control and Lab Equipment

Mr. V. S. Kale
Managing Director, Vijayesh Instruments P Ltd., Pune

Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation systems required in foundries; specilisation in temp. measuring and process control equipment.

Mr. V. S. Kale

E) Foundry Chemicals

Mr. Sanjay Karkhanis
Director, Samarth Metallurgicals, Kolhapur

More than 23 years of experience in foundry materials like Foam Filters Inoculants and others; specialization in Resin Coated Sand.

Mr. Sanjay Karkhanis
Mr. Madhav Athavale
Ex-Foseco India ltd. Pune

More than thirty five years of hands on experience in developing products for various applications in ferrous and non- ferrous foundries; has been product head for coatings; coal dust substitutes; filters and inoculants; has special insight into Process Control systems for non-ferrous melts.

Mr. Madhav Athavale