product name Efficient Cupola Design and Operation
- Mrs. Sharadini S. Karkhanis
Name of Author Mrs. Sharadini S. Karkhanis
product description
Edited by Prof. S. Seshan

This is an outcome of detailed study of Efficient Cupola Design and Operation with the objective of

1. Improving installed capacity utilization
2. Improving Casting yield
3. Improving labour productivity
4. Reducing energy consumption

The manual deals with various design parameters, grades and qualities of raw materials, grades of consumables like refractories and operational details for efficient operations of Cupola.

This also gives brief comparison of conventional cupola operations to Divided Blast Cupola. While talking about Shop Floor tests it also gives proper documentation details to manage the operations.

This gives charge mix for standard grades of Grey Iron.

This is the most useful reference manual for shop floor supervisor.