Manufacturing Techniques and Heat Treatment of S. G. Iron
Mr. Sharad B. Pathak
Mr. Suhas K. Paknikar
S. G. Iron is a wonder material possessing as good as properties of steel and maintaining favourable properties of cast iron. The total demand of S. G. Iron castings is increasing day by day. The existing S. G. Iron foundries are expanding their production capacities while grey iron units are being converted into S.G. Foundries. The produce consistent quality S. G. Castings is a challenge to the foundrymen. Considering the scope, NCTS has produced an interactive CD on "Manufacturing Techniques and Heat Treatment of S. G. Iron". The contents of CD will give entire technology of S.G. Iron production.
For better understanding all the chapters are well illustrated with graphs, figures, animations and video clippings.
Contents: International standards of S.G. Iron.

Furnaces used for S.G. Iron.

Raw materials used and their specifications- pig iron, steel scrap, Ferrosilicon, Mg alloys, inoculants etc.

Melt quality control-desulphurization control of various elements - check points for melt control - tests carried out.

Magnesium treatment - Role of Magnesium -Mg alloys available.

Post inoculation purpose and techniques - practical tips.


Solidification of S.G. Iron castings - transformation from liquid to solid graphitization.

Effect of composition on microstructure - C, Si, Mn, P, Cu and trace elements Bi, Sb, Te, Ti, Pb, Al etc.

Microstructure - metallography - case studies.

Heat treatment of S.G. Iron castings, Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening and Tempering, Surface hardening and Austempering.

Mechanical testing and Inspection - Tension test, spectroscopy, metallography and Ultrasonic testing.

The video film NCTS 106 and set of CD 105 give logical understanding.

The set of films and CDs is supplemented with exhaustive notes on Manufacturing Techniques and Heat Treatment of S. G. Iron Practices.