Efficient Aluminium Melting Practices
Ratnakar D. Chavan
Mr. Suhas K. Paknikar
Anant Govind Bam
Salient features of contents: Types of Cast Aluminium Alloys

Various Cast Aluminium Alloys

Significance of Melting of Aluminium Alloys

Different Furnaces Used for Aluminium Melting.

Principles and Technology involved in Aluminium Melting

Properties & Characteristic of Aluminium Melt

Tips and Instruction in Melting Practices

Molten Metal Treatment, Use of Fluxes- purpose

Quality & Quantity used

Precautions to be taken while Fluxing the Melt

Degassing of Aluminium Melt by using Tablets or Nitrogen Gas or Rotary Degassing

Determination of Hydrogen content of Molten Aluminium

Modification of Aluminium Melt

Sequence of Melt Treatments.

Qualifying Checks in Melting Process

Cost Controlling Factors

Documentation of the melting Process

Defects in Casting related to Melting Practice