Investment Casting Process - Defect Control Instructor
Mr. Sivaramakrishnan
What is done cannot be undone. But it is important to know what was done, how it was done and why the fault has occurred, so that the damage will not be repeated again and again.
With this conviction, the author, Mr. S. Sivaram Krishnan, an eminent foundrymen with vast experience in the field of Investment Castings and recognized expert of international repute in the field, explains various defects which can arise in Investment Castings. There are 143 various defects elaborated with their genesis and solution to avoid further rejects. These are categorized as follows

Defects Due to Pattern
Defects Due to Core
Defects Due to Shell
And Defects Due to Process in general.

The DCI has a wide horizontal coverage of all departments from design to product support. This makes the DCI a perfect shop companion. DCI serves as an excellent tool for all categories of persons from the craftsmen in the shop to the top executive.

The Defect Control Instructor has extensive cross referencing to causes and defects. It also gives photographs of some of the defects which can help the practicing foundrymen diagnose the defect properly.

In the Appendix Essential Information on Investment Casting Process is explained in details. Appendix covers different aspects like pattern making, shell making, melting, casting and inspection procedures.

This is a must for Investment Castings foundries.