Divided Blast Cupola -Process and Technology
Mrs. Sharadini S. Karkhanis
Salient features of contents: This CD informs the foundrymen about the more efficient design, construction and operation of Cupola – a Divided Blast Cupola. An eminent Foundry Person Mrs Karkhanis tells us the details from Light up to Dropping of Bottom including coke bed preparation, charge mix, operation of blower, chemical reactions at various stages etc. In today’s competitive world with stricter environmental norms Divided Blast Cupola is only way to survive in the market.

A. Basic Construction of Divided Blast Cupola

B. Preparation of furnace – Bed, Refractory Lining.

C. Inputs - Pig Iron, Coke, Lime Stone, Returns, Ferroalloys.

D. Zones of Cupola.

E. Chemical Reaction.

F. Advantages Over Conventional Cupola.