Analysis of Defects in Aluminium Castings Compendium of Case Studies
Anant Govind Bam

National Centre for Technical Services (NCTS in short) is a Centre of Excellence of the Institute of Indian Foundrymen and has been providing Technical Support to practicing Foundrymen since 1993.

In order to fulfil above objective, NCTS has been providing Technical Information on various Foundry related topics in the form of CDs/DVDs and Books.

In this interactive DVD a very important subject of Defects In Aluminium Castingsis covered. It is common knowledge that performance of any foundry depends largely on control on Rejection Rate. It is essential to first identify the defect correctly and then take actions to effectively rectify defect generating conditions.

This Interactive DVD which is compiled by the author, Mr.Anant Bam after painstaking efforts. Efforts Attempthave been made to cover all major defects causing rejection in an Aluminium Foundry. The Case studies of variety of defects amply demonstrate cause and effect relationship between defect and corrective action.

The information in this DVD will be of immense help to practicing foundrymen looking for answers to usual foundry defects.