Temperature Measurement And Instruments
Mr. Vishwas S. Kale
Instruments play a vital role in foundries, especially in measurements of temperatures. The finished product quality depends largely on the determination of temperature whether in melting process or in heat treatment. The correct measurement depends on many factor. This video will explain how to achieve this.
The design parameters and
The practical details of operating cupola, the most commonly used melting unit in foundry.
This lecture will be useful to the owner entrepreneurs and shop floor personnel in foundries using cupola furnace.
Contents: Basics of thermocouples and assemblies.

Selection of Instruments and thermocouples.

Thermocouples and Instruments for measurement of molten metal temperature.

Thermocouples and Instruments for measurement of temperature in heat treatment furnaces.

Checking calibration of Instruments, cable etc.

Thermal Analysis Techniques
Mr. Vishwas S. Kale
Foundries use thermal analysis techniques as a tool on the shop floor to determine and control the properties of the metal to be cast. This helps to make corrections in the melt and obtain specified composition. The simplicity and acceptable accuracy of this method is already established. This video will help the foundry professionals to use this method in the best possible way.
Contents: Basics of temperature measurements and Instruments.

Checking calibration of Instruments, Cables etc.

Application in C.I., S.G. iron, Steel, Aluminium etc.

Utility and Limitations.