Technical Information Sheets

INFO/SHT/01 Alloying Additions and Inoculations 200
INFO/SHT/02 Aluminium 340
INFO/SHT/03 Casting Defects 340
INFO/SHT/04 Cupola 260
INFO/SHT/05 Miscellaneous 260
INFO/SHT/06 Molding Sand and Core Sands 500
INFO/SHT/07 SPC in Foundry 200
INFO/SHT/08 Methoding 450
INFO/SHT/09 Specifications, Testing & Microstructure 430
INFO/SHT/10 High Tensile Brass 100
INFO/SHT/11 Shell Molding Process 100
INFO/SHT/12 Full Set of 120 Information Sheets 2800

Terms and Conditions:

  • Above prices are inclusive of packing and forwarding charges for IIF Members & Technical Institutes. IIF members will get 20% discount on list price on presenting membership number.
  • Material will be sent by courier on receipt of payment.
  • Please send at par cheque in the name of “The Institute of Indian Foundrymen NCTS” OR RTGS/ECS Payment by contacting office.
  • The above prices are for India only.