A Journey Through Cold Box Process
Mr. S. Subramanian
Suresh R. Hegde
Developed over 40 years ago, The Polyurethane Cold Box Process – PUCB – is still the most popular organic cold box technique for the automated production of high volume, cost effective cores in both ferrous and non ferrous foundries, worldwide.

PUCB process uses an organic-based binder capable of producing cured cores in a matter of seconds at room temperature. The cores exhibit good tensile strength, a high degree of dimensional accuracy, good abrasion resistance, high density, exceptional collapsibility, and low gas evolution. This presentation “A Journey through PUCB Process” makes an attempt to cover all the aspects of this most important process to enable our foundrymen to adopt and then master the Cold Box Process in his foundry.

Brief note for Book –Green Sand Practices for Defect Free Casting
Green sand moulding is the most intimate component of the manufacturing process; so intimate, the surface of the casting truly replicates the mould itself. Dimensional integrity and aesthetics embrace the character of the mould in the manufacturing process. Challenge therefore is in creating the mould consistently every time appreciating the thermal overloads the mould undergoes from hot metal.

Green sand moulding affords reuse of spent and unspent sand for subsequent moulding, by simply recirculating and reprocessing it, entailing a small percentage to be discarded continually for stability. The sheer economy of this process has challenged expensive alternatives.

This book is not intended to be a compendium on the subject of green sand moulding, but is an attempt to perceive the process from the point of view of the customer. Therefore the presentation would differ from a traditional approach the reader is accustomed to. Explanations and analyses would draw upon technology of green sand moulding and deliberate reaction plans. It is the earnest belief of the author that the treatment of the subject would kindle many a thought in the foundry fraternity where deliverance overrides prescriptions, in quest of casting value.

We shall take a journey in pursuit of this vision and tread the path of excellence.